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Live Computer Instruction

Live Computer Instruction Made Simple

Live Computer Instruction : Learn how to use Microsoft Office, Get Zoom Help and learn how to use your smartphone. Whether a beginner, or just trying to brush up on your skills, we can help. We offer technical instruction on a variety of topics and computer subjects. We enjoy teaching our customers how to get more out their computer, smartphone and to be safer online. You can select one of our service minute plans here according to how much instruction you need. Listed below are the subjects we teach on.

Live Computer Instruction: Computer Programs

Power Point

Power Point

  • Working with PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Views
  • Beginning a Presentation
  • Running a Slideshow
  • Editing Slide Text
  • Saving Presentations and
  • Converting to 2010
  • Creating New Presentations
  • Adding Slides
  • Copying and Pasting Text
  • Dividing Presentations
  • Formatting Text
  • Text Placeholders
  • Spell Check
  • Sending a Presentation
  • Adding Multimedia
  • Inserting Video/Sound
  • Art and Text Boxes
  • Working with Animations
  • Delivering a Presentation
Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

  • File Storage
  • Opening Documents
  • Sharing a Document
  • Saving Documents
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Formatting Content
  • Creating/Deleting Content
  • Indents & Spacing
  • Paragraph Formats
  • Copying, Cutting, Pasting
  • Alignment/Line Spacing
  • Applying Page Layout
  • Page Setup
  • Headers and Footers
  • Page Backgrounds
  • Printing a Document
  • Applying Hyperlinks
  • End notes and Footnotes
  • Pictures & Clip Art
  • Word Art and Smart Art
  • Spell Check


  • Using the Inbox
  • Reading Messages
  • Deleting Messages
  • Sending Messages
  • Replying to Messages
  • Forwarding Messages
  • Sending & Opening Attachments
  • Sending a new email
  • Entering Contacts
  • Create folders
  • Using the Calendar


  • Create a basic document
  • How to format text
  • Add, edit, and use graphics
  • Editing sizes of text
  • How to use tables
  • Create a publication
  • Saving a publication
  • Adding Pictures
  • Adding Text
  • Linking Text boxes
  • Print your publication

Smartphone Tutorial

  • Get iPhone & Android Help: How to use
  • Navigating the menu
  • Privacy Settings & Web surfing
  • Setting up contacts
  • Installing Apps & Social Media Setup
  • Using the camera
  • Setting up email
  • Troubleshooting common problems
  • Voicemail

Skype | Zoom | Jabber

  • Get Zoom Help : How to use
  • Camera Placement
  • Speakers & Headsets
  • Using the built in mic
  • Switching from the default speaker or microphone
  • They can see me but I can’t see them
  • I can see them but they can’t see me
  • They can hear me but I cant hear them
  • I can hear them but they can’t hear me

With our customer first policy, we listen to what our customers needs are. Further, we also only want to offer and provide the computer support that you need. Our goal is to build trust with every customer. One way we do that is by not charging you for services that you didn’t ask for. Therefore, we provide upfront pricing and you can count on that not to change. Flat-rate pricing with no contracts is what you can expect. We provide professional remote computer repair and live computer instruction on many subjects that people want to learn more about. We feel confident you are going to find our services valuable, the teaching useful, and the instruction rewarding. Contact us today to schedule.