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Service Agreement

100% USA based, certified skilled computer technicians

Please read and acknowledge our service agreement before submitting payment

We provide professional, safe and secure repair through remote troubleshooting and remote service on desktop and laptop computers.

Security is a big deal: All remote service and repair is performed through an encrypted and secure connection.

Your privacy is important to us: We are very mindful of personal security and privacy during a consultation, set up or repair during every remote session. Therefore, we only access the allowed system, folders, files and configuration given by consent of each customer for service. No files, documents, folders or personal information is ever copied from a session. 

The process of remote repair: A remote session is initiated by our technicians (upon your request) and the customer is in view and control of when the session is started by agreeing to a remote session. For your safety and our accuracy, every session screen is digitally recorded, therefore our company has a backup of the session for accountability. At the end of service, we disconnect from any and all systems, networks and sessions. Once we disconnect, we remain on the telephone to answer any additional questions you may have about your service.

After the session is ended: We have no permission or access to your system or network any longer. The customer is always in control of when the session can be ended by disconnecting through the icon located on their desktop.

About Service: We are only going to provide the service from which we were originally contacted for by the customer. At times we may find that your system is beyond repair or outside of the scope of our services, you will be notified prior to disconnecting from a session if we feel that is the case in your situation.

Prior damage before session: We take no responsibility for any previous damage done to the system, network, software, hardware or files before the repair. Any damages caused by user error or third parties now or hereafter we will take no responsibility of and the customer is informed of this prior to any remote session. If we feel that your system is beyond our scope of service, you will be notified before any modifications are done.

More on privacy: We provide professional results for the services provided by our company, and during each session we always put our customers security and privacy as our first priority. Also, we will never call or email you asking for personal information or access to your system unless you contact us first, even then you will have full control over when the remote session is started and ended. 

More information: You must be 18 years or older to purchase a service.

How we protect your data: Your personal contact information is never sold for gain or marketing purposes at anytime. We take privacy and security very seriously. We invest a lot of time and resources into making sure of a secure connection and responsible handling of data before, during and after support. Thank you for choosing us for your computer and mobile device service needs. We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with professional results with professional standards for remote computer service.

Service Agreement