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Small business IT support

We’ve been where you are, working as a small business owner doing service work in the field. When you need IT support for your small business who can you turn to? We can help you and your small business with pc, laptop and smart phone support. Stay productive in your business and let us handle the your IT issues. You’re going to find our IT service valuable, secure and affordable. Ask about a custom plan for your small business. We’ve got you covered.

Contact us today 678-816-5172 

  • We can help you in application maintenance for your specific trade and industry
  • We solve errors and common IT support problems, boot up issues
  • Get your devices set up with the right security measures while taking payments online
  • Have your own tech for personal IT support that can help you and your team stay productive

Small business IT support prices


Simple IT support

3 hours of tech time a month

Support up to 10 devices

Application Support, Data backup and security

10 Free general help questions a month through our service portal


The growing business

5 hours  of tech time a month

Support up to 20 devices

Application support, Data backup and security

25 free general help questions a month through our service portal

Affordable small business computer support

Pay less for American certified IT support than your cell phone bill. Its important to have a tech in your corner so you can stay productive in your business. We provide fast, safe and expert computer support remotely, you don’t even have to leave the job site. Contact us today to customize a plan for your small business, we look forward to helping you.